A car that teaches itself how to drive

I’m not really into cars and I don’t know why. I love racing games and watching F1, but I have no idea how a car works. Now that cars are getting smarter, that might just change. Mercedes unveiled their beautiful concept car, that doesn’t require a driver to get from one place to another at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. It’s the most interesting car I’ve ever seen.

I don’t think having a personal car is that important for me. I’d like to be able to call a car when I need one. Concepts that show cars fold into each other like shopping carts are extremely interesting, because there is way too much parking space.

Nvidia demoed cars that use deep learning algorithms to recognize objects like signs and traffic lights. The car has all kinds of sensors that provide data. The system is able to learn to distinguish different objects by itself. This is a very advanced form of artificial intelligent. Nvidia also announced a new chip called Tegra X1. It’s the world’s first “superchip”, that will be used in mobile devices, but could also be used in cars. It is able to stitch images from 12 cameras together to create a 360 degree view.

Drones aren’t new, but Intel demoed a drone that can fly on its own. Intel uses a technology called RealSense. They even played Pong with drones on stage.

Sure, Sony announced a $1200 Walkman, there were a bunch of 4K TVs, But none of that is as interesting as a car that teaches itself how to drive.
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