The Apple Watch does too much

“What we didn’t do is take the iPhone and shrink the user interface and strap it on your wrist”

Instead, Apple took an iPod. At least, that’s the way I think about it after seeing the Apple Watch in action. Tim Cook believes that the Watch will redefine what people expect from a smartwatch, but I’m not totally convinced.

When people talk about Android Wear, a lot of them say that you can’t really do a lot with it. But think about it; that’s actually a good thing. Google does most things for you with their Google Now service. You don’t have to look for the things, but they serve it up, just like with a traditional watch, that always shows the time when you need it, without asking for it. Mirroring notifications doesn’t sound like an exciting thing, but it is really useful, especially on a small display. A small display is good enough for some apps, but for most it isn’t. Interactions with a watch should be quick. If you have to do a lot of things, why not grab your phone? Most things are just easier on a larger display.
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