The worst thing about Minecraft

I admit it, I was pretty late to the game. I never looked into it enough to really find out what kind of game it was. I know it was all over the internet, but perhaps that’s the reason I avoided it. I visited the greatest, most beautiful worlds on my PlayStation, why should I want an “ugly” world that exists of nothing but blocks?

Last summer, my brother changed my mind and finally convinced me to buy Minecraft. We played survival, but I quickly got bored. The endless mine shafts were just not for me and like in Rollercoaster Tycoon I wanted to have unlimited resources. When we entered our first creative world I had no idea that I was going to like it that much. It’s one of the best game experiences ever.

A lot of people play games because they want to get sucked into the worlds and stories. But in Minecraft, you are the creator of the world. I built an old western jail in the desert, a Greek temple on a misty mountaintop and the office building of my dreams is under construction. The worst thing about it is that you can’t walk around in them, for real. Because that is what I really would love to do. Just like I wished my Lego city was as awesome as the one in the TV commercials. Minecraft is modern Lego. Time is your only limitation.

I’m excited about virtual reality, but the fact that you can play Minecraft with an Oculus Rift is just amazing. If I could 3D-print my creations it would come really close to real-life Minecraft. Until then I’m going to use the most powerful tool that has been available to everyone since the beginning of mankind: imagination.
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